Good people doing great things.

We are a company of people...a company that respects the dignity, thoughts, and needs of the individual.

We surround ourselves with dedicated, highly skilled, and imaginative people.

That is our success.


Visionary. Dreamer. Achiever. Encourager
These are but a few of the words that describe LLLand founder, Larry Leger. The roots of his family run deep in Louisiana 's Acadiana region, and he is a lifelong resident of the area.

In the spirit of Louisiana, Larry brims with optimism, ideas, energy, and encouragement... and, as he will be the first to tell you, his success is simply due to the efforts, dedication, honesty, and integrity of the people with whom he is surrounded.

A motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, a spiritual man, and a grassroots, roll-up-his-sleeves individual who became successful by blending opportunity with experience, vision, and a willingness
Larry Leger
to seize the moment. All that and so much more is Larry Leger. Most of all, he is a family man who puts that above all else.

In his professional career, the real estate, commercial, and other developments he has touched have a history of uniqueness measured by success for all involved. LLLand, LLC...Different!

Lance Leger
Chief Financial Officer

Leo Hayes
Site Manager

Mona Burris
Senior Project Manager
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